The inspection area consists of:
Zygo interferometer on a Melles Griot optical table with vibration isolators
Nikon 6D autocollimator.
Weber Gage angle block set
Hilger Watts autocollimator
Mitutoyo toolmakers microscope with Quadra-check
Humphrey lens analyzer
Beckman spectrophotometer
Bausch and Lomb stereozoom microscope
4 Mitutoyo micrometers and calibration blocks
Dial indicator and stand
Clean bench with HEPA filters

The machining area consists of:
Yoshikawa vertical surface grinder
Diamond Pacific diamond grinder
Weco grinder
Bench drill
Raytech faceter
Lapmaster 15 loose abrasive grinder
Mud wheel custom
K.O. Lee dicing saw with rounding attachment
Drill press coring machine
2 hot plates
Fume hood
3 micrometers
4 lasers for checking angles
Baron Blakslee Degreaser

The polishing area consists of:
Model 350 Davidson interferometer
6 SAGA polishing machines
Model 15 Lapmaster polishing machine for glass
Model 15 Lapmaster polishing machine for crystals
depth gage
hundreds of laps and grinding tools
hundreds of glass test plates
Custom Hand Lapper

The Facility is temperature controlled with separate rooms for the office, machining, polishing and inspection.