Our Customers include:

Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
8 Sided Prisms with 4 Sharp Edges and no chips under 30X magnification

YAG Laser Slabs for the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System

Avanex Corporation
Various Prototype Prisms with 2 day delivery

IBM   Zerox, Inc
Crystal Polishing       Thin polished metal spacer array

Univ. of MontanaNew Focus, Inc
Microsphere Array     Lithium Niobate windows

Rockwell InternationalHewlett Packard, Inc
Refractive Lenslet Array            Silicon Prisms

TeraStor Corporation
1 mm Lenslets

Stanford University
YAG Laser Slabs, 0.4mm thick

YAG Laser Slabs

Princeton Optronics Corporation
Thin Wedged Silicon Discs

K2 Optronics
Various Wedges and Prisms

Lick Observatory
Telescope Optics

Fibertech, Inc.
Small YAG Slabs
Spectra-Physics, Inc
Small Prisms

Laserscope, Inc
Thin Glass wedge

SDL, Inc
SF11 Cylinder array